Getting Involved

St. Francis House is richly blessed with a dedicated and compassionate staff.  It is also blessed with volunteers who contribute their time and talent in endless ways to its many programs. Without its volunteers, St.Francis House could not begin to reach its deserving clients.  Just as there are more potential clients in the community whose needs are not currently being met, there are many more volunteers whose time and talent could make a tremendous difference in the lives of their less fortunate neighbors.

You can be one of the people who make a real difference.  If you feel called to contribute your time and talents to this ministry or would like to explore the ways in which you might become involved, please call St. Francis House.

Client Referrals

You may be aware of deserving individuals and families whose fundamental needs are not being addressed by other ministries and programs in the community.  If so, please call St. Francis House to make us aware of these needs and to explore opportunities for assistance.